Winter Collection 2019

Leather boots

This boot model made of high quality leather under the stitched manufacturing technique, combines a suggestive casual style design with the comfort needed for day to day. Characterized by its great comfort and durability throughout its useful life. Our handmade process provides this model of footwear with all the flexibility and lightness needed in each step. Discover the great possibility of combinations offered by Chacal in a unique boot.

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Ankle boots

There is no more foolproof footwear at any time of the year than Chacal women’s ankle boots, discover a wide variety of styles among our ankle boots and be surprised by the different combinations that we put at your disposal. A shoe made by hand in a 100% handmade way that stands out for its great comfort and coziness during its use. Different designs, different styles, same comfort.

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Sports Ankle boots

A leather ankle boot model, unique in the market, our dedication and handmade crafting under the sewn sole technique, provides this shoe with all the necessary features to achieve great comfort and flexibility during use. The great diversity in the combination of the finishing of its materials allows to choose a line of very varied footwear that adapts to the demands of the market. Discover true comfort with the Chacal sports booty.

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Casual shoe

Elegance and comfort are two of the main characteristics of the 100% Chacal leather sports shoes. Our designs provide a unique style to a footwear model with great features. Thanks to the quality of its materials and the great lightness of its sole we achieve the creation of a very sophisticated casual shoe line without leaving aside the comfort that has always characterized Jackal. Maximum comfort handmade.

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The Chacal Sneakers are characterized by combining comfort with style. This type of sports shoes gives the person the feeling of walking with maximum comfort. Thanks to the handmade elaboration of our models in Chacal, we have managed to create a perfect sport line for day to day with casual designs that favor its use, gaining comfort without losing the style. Surprise yourself and discover the great possibilities of our sneakers.

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